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One of my campaign issues is to focus how we can better operate District 428 more efficiently utilizing taxpayer funds.  It could be argued that over the past decade, operational, building repurposing, and the closing of two elementary schools aided in reducing costs.  However, we must remain proactive in increasing these efficiencies while ensuring that these cost savings trickle-down to the students and classrooms.  I will leverage my business background and MBA degree to add-value in assisting the District with prioritizing resources to further lower administrative costs, restrict contracts, and provide a common-sense approach to students in the City of Dekalb, Town of Cortland, and Village of Malta. In order to decease the property tax of our District we must improve the quality of education that we provide to the students. When we enhance the quality of education, our schools and city of DeKalb will attract more residents.


One of my campaign issues is finding more efficient out-of-the-box alternatives to educate our children.  Although District 428 has exciting and creative programs including interactive and hands on learning in our schools, we need to expand our breadth of digital programs.  It would be my goal to further elevate students hands-on learning while promoting more partnerships in the STEM arena with the local Community College and University.  Digital education must be a priority for our schools.  In Dekalb schools, I would advocate on behalf of the students to expand our digital learning opportunities (e.g. computer coding, robotics, and the arts) as early as Junior High School. 


Communication, Collaboration, and Support is essential for the success of the partnership between Teacher and Student.  Admittedly, we need to address the elephant in the room that the dynamics have changed in the past 20 years regarding children rights.  However, the fact remains that teachers play a pivotal role in our students lives.  Teachers need the support of parents, staff, and the community to ensure that the student meets his / her growth targets educationally.  Moreover, the teacher is responsible to ensure that other students have a safe and undisruptive environment to learn.  It has come to my attention having a sister, niece, and nephew in the District 428 that it isn’t always the case.  I also want to ensure that our teachers as well as our paraprofessionals have competitive salaries and benefits. I want to also ensure not to just recruit highly qualified educators, but highly qualified diverse educators. Our minority students need representation both in and out of the classroom in order to make sure that we are providing and conducive learning environment.

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